Synopsis : The film begins with the robbery remains a cat statue on display in a museum in Marseille, France. […]

Synopsis : This is a vacation they‘ll never forget. Shen Xi was a Sorority full of passion that majored in […]

Synopsis : Everything will be good for Du Lala (Wei Qi). Now he turned 30, the insecurity of his younger […]

Synopsis : A woman lost her identity and her memory after learning she was kidnapped by a criminal organization. his […]

Synopsis : Liu Xin Tong was an optimistic girl who has been living in a poor family. His life was […]

Synopsis : on a rainy night his car was broken, Miss Liang then entered a nearby coffee shop called Cafe […]

Synopsis : This drama is a remake of Korea drama entitled “She Was Pretty“. Li Hui Zhen (Dilmurat Dilraba) is […]

Synopsis : The film depicts a group of students, because the basketball and walking together youth inspiring story. Childhood they […]

Synopsis : In order to find out the truth about the death of his mother, heiress of Feng Shang Shang […]