Okaasan Ore wa Daijoubu (2015)

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Synopsis :

Ryohei Sasaki was a high school student who is very fond of football. He was appointed u.s. Deputy captain of football in his school. Until one day, she was diagnosed with acute brain tumor and was told that he did not have a long life time. However, Ryohei did not give up. He took the decision to live against tumours and keep playing football. His family also do a variety of ways to help Ryohei eliminate tumors.

Okaasan Ore wa Daijoubu (2015)

Detail Japanese Drama Okaasan Ore wa Daijoubu

Country: Japan
Type: Drama Special
Episodes: 1
Aired: Aug 22, 2015
Aired On: Saturday
Network: NTV
Duration: 2 hr. 0 min.

Drama Cast

Ryosuke Yamada as Ryohei Sasaki

Takahisa Masuda as Teppei Sasaki

Narumi Yasuda as Narumi Sasaki

Hidekazu Akai as Hiroshi Sasaki

Shota Shimoda as Shota Sasaki

Yoshihiko Inohara as Pelatih Nagata

Fumika Shimizu

Shotaro Mamiya

Kentaro Sakaguchi

Episode 1

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