Synopsis : Copyface tells Hirosawa, Nodoka is a freelance reporter for a weekly magazine, was close to Fuyuko, wife of […]

Synopsis : Ken Iwase (岩瀬健) is at his friend, Rei Yoshida’s (吉田礼) marriage ceremony. However, he still loves her and […]

Synopsis : Yosuke Tomikawa (Tomokazu Miura) married Mizuki (Kuroki Hitomi). They have a daughter, Shiori (Atsuko Maeda), and son, Ko […]

Synopsis : Koichi‘s father killed his mother and his brother, he lived alone. In fact it’s all set-up. Koichi, age […]

Synopsis : Chikamatsu Monzaemon tells Chikaemon (Suzuki Matsuo) was a man of middle age. He is the author of Joruri […]

Synopsis : Kuroi 10-nin no Onna tells Kaze Matsukichi is a TV producer with a beautiful wife, named Futaba. However, […]

Synopsis : Mitazono Kaoru is the housekeeper, who became a member of the household Agency. Although he is a man […]

Synopsis : Homonji Sharaku (Yuji Oda) was the eldest son of a prominent family who has studied crime for several […]

Synopsis : Kyoko (Machiko Ono) was born and raised in a wealthy family. His father Shigekazu (Tachi Hiroshi) says that […]