Synopsis : on a dark night in the middle of the dock, the ship’s captain and his partner, Nong, who […]

Synopsis : The mystery of the two swimmers, Perth (Chutavuth Pattarakampol) and Tan (Thanapob Leeratanakajorn) who was the enemy of […]

Synopsis : A group of friends go on holiday in Phuket after graduating high school. They built their tents next […]

Synopsis : A group of teens naughty school and was never afraid of the same named ghosts and other supernatural […]

Synopsis : A group of students who attended a special HIGH SCHOOL boys, then they make a ghost hunting groups, […]

Synopsis : Mayo, a student majoring in communication internship at an advertising agency and there he met with Mor Mor, […]

Synopsis : Geng and Bella, they’ve been married for 7 years, their relations are good but the bickering husband and […]

Synopsis : two lonely teachers, male and female. They are assigned in the same rural schools but in separate years. […]

Synopsis : Run Phee, also known as Seniors told me about a pair of detectives from two friends of different […]